Our Process

A proven, successful process with ideal results

Our nearly two decades of experience have helped us hone and refine a process designed to help Acorn understand your business and systems, and to guide you through the development and implementation of the best solutions for your immediate and long-term needs.


  • We meet with you to understand your organization’s needs
  • Secure tools are deployed to better understand your network, hardware, and software
  • Internally, Acorn holds solutions meetings, and evaluate collected data to determine optimal proposals for your organization


  • Site surveys of all workstations and network equipment are performed
  • We catalog system configurations and applications for all users
  • Document all locations to be supported

Technology Roadmap

  • We partner with your to develop a strategic approach to your organization’s IT needs
  • Your Roadmap will account for current requirements, future goals, and overall objectives of your organization’s IT
  • Identifies areas in need of proactive, immediate solutions


  • Solution implementation
  • We ensure the support readiness of all systems, including configuration, backup, hardware testing, and general cleanup.
  • Remote monitoring is set up on all your systems
  • Labeling & cataloguing of all systems to improve customer service and device management
  • Verify accuracy of documentation and update as needed
  • Sensitivity to business downtime and user impact is a priority. We’ll work after hours as needed to reduce the impact on your business.

Maintenance and Support

  • Our goal is maximum availability and maximum uptime
  • Acorn’s 24/7 Helpdesk technicians establish ongoing support
  • Helpdesk staff are trained to support your organization’s unique needs
  • Hardware is monitored and replaced as needed, with no extra costs passed on to your organization
  • Clear, easy to understand roadmaps for your future IT- related expenditure.

Continuous Improvement

  • Acorn works hard to stay abreast of new developments in technology and systems in the world of IT
  • Your organization’s existing solutions will be routinely evaluated to identify areas where a new solution can improve functionality or save you money
  • We’ll help you evaluate the “fit” of new solutions from your existing and potential partners to ensure the solutions work for your systems, and network now and in the future.

We’ve been customers of Acorn for many years, and we can clearly state that this has been one of the best investments we’ve made as an educational institution in order to serve our students, staff, faculty, and the community.

Julio Cuz
Julio CuzManager, Technology Support Services for Moreno Valley College

We have had Acorn as our IT provider since 2004 and we are very satisfied with their performance.  Their team is very dependable and very professional.  We can always count on them to address any IT issues 24/7 regardless where you are at on the globe.  This level of service is critical to support our teams in 13 countries on 4 continents.  Their monitoring and back-up systems have saved us on several occasions and their response time is quick.  They always update me on any issues and I don’t have to follow up to make sure it is done because they make it a point that all our issues are resolved timely.  It is almost like Acorn is an extension of KPI because they treat our business as if it is their own.  For me, having this support from an outside IT provider puts my mind at ease and makes my job easier.

Teresa Jacob
Teresa JacobCFO - KPI Healthcare Inc.

Acorn Technology Services has proactively managed our IT infrastructure for more than 13 years.  They consistently provide excellent service and recommendations for improvement. The offsite back-up and system monitoring has been vital when a local server has gone down.  Their service has provided Brydenscot with a level of comfort to focus on our core business while they focus on the information systems needed to support our operations.

Matt Cathey
Matt CatheyVice President, Brydenscot Metal Products

Since initial install, the Acorn team has continued to respond to minor service calls and major installations alike. As the CFO, CIO and wearer of many hats, I can tell you that Acorn shields me from getting bogged down with technology requests, maintenance, upgrades and other disruptive matters and that brings a measure of satisfaction and peace of mind that is hard to put a price on.

Phillip Saucedo
Phillip SaucedoCFO, CIO of Integrated Care Communities, Inc.

The McCallum Theatre first heard of Acorn socially – a friend of a friend saying “if you ever need a new IT company…..”.  When the time came, we launched an invitation to bid and Acorn submitted a bid that was not only economically attractive, but operationally comprehensive and complete.  We’ve been with them since 2013 and still find that their response time is immediate, their dedication to doing the job right remains strong, and best of all, they keep us ahead of the curve so that we replace gear before inevitable age-out and failure.  We also appreciate that very few diagnoses are single-solution; Acorn generally gives us a range of options and pricing to resolve IT issues.

Alan De Zon
Alan De Zon Vice President, Operation of McCallum Theatre